Corporate Philosophy

factum (Latin) = fact

It is the mission of faktum.FussbodenInstitute to establish facts in a professional, objective and impartial way.

Just like in medicine, for every technical problem there is a correct diagnosis and an optimal treatment provided by the most qualified specialist.

In order to achieve this ideal in the wood flooring trade, leading specialists in flooring technologies have set up a cooperation network working nationwide, called faktum.FussbodenInstitute.
It is our aim to find the best solution for your flooring problem

  • by delegating your case to the most qualified specialist
  • by using the latest devices and methods of analysis
  • by means of cause studies and diagnosis on the basis of the most recent results of research, development and state of the art.

This is achieved as follows:

Excellent professional and personal qualifications
Each director of faktum.FussbodenInstitute is not only a master craftsman and a publicly appointed and sworn expert of great experience but also teaches at universities and/or at vocational institutes of the flooring industry because of his outstanding professional qualifications and competences. Furthermore, each of them does research in a specialized field and has gained recognition through publications in trade magazines and publications of professional literature.

Pool of up-to-date special equipment and methods of analysis
Equipment and analytical methods that cannot be provided by an individual expert or institute are available within the network of faktum.FussbodenInstitute for each problem.

Constant exchange of research results and product abnormalities
The weekly exchange and pooling of all recent data within the network guarantees for each case under examination that for its cause study and diagnosis the most recent findings are available, even if, due to new product developments or changes in formulation, these findings have not yet been communicated during expert trainings or in the specialised press.